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About Srilankan Forest View

We are mainly describe about srilankan forest. Srilanka is an emerald island. Srilankan forest spread out in all over the country. We are explain about srilankan eco-tourism, srilankan forest law, What are the Tourism bungalow & Forest bungalow in srilanka, Bio diversity in srilanka. In srilanka can be seen various types of forest, climate zone, Rainfall patterns, eco systems. 29.5% forest cover in srilanka from total land area. Forest department aims is increase forest cover up to 32% within few years.

Types of forest in Srilanaka
  • Montane forest
  • Submontane forest
  • Lowland rain forest
  • Moist monsoon forest
  • Dry monsoon forest
  • Riverbed forest
  • Mangrove forest