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Sri lanka is best eco-tourism destination. sri lanka tourism package are very different. It has forest house, forest café,forest camping site, beach resort, beach bar….etc. Srilankan hospitality is best in south Asian

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Hirikatu oya Eco camp

Post: 20-05-2019 Categories: Tourism bungalow / Hirikatu oya Eco camp

Hirikatu oya Eco camp

Hirikatuoya eco camp is the best accommodation of hirikatuoya area in balangoda. Hirikatuoya ecocamp are located at balangoda in Rathnapura district. In Colombo - Badulla road passing belihuloya (156KM) and get left turn according to the sign board Nonperial road. In the non- pareil Estate road reaching 5.7KM from the road you can get hirikatuoya ecocamp in right side of the road.

Hirikatioya eco campsite is maintained by forest department. It can only reservation through the forest department head office. It’s situated at ‘Sampathpaya’ , Rajamalwatta road, Baththaramulla.

This campsite has 04 number of permanent tent. Bellow table has more details about that.

Tent No. Maximum number of persons Size of Tent Price for Local Price for Foreign Price for forest department officers
01 10 12' x 18' 5,000LKR 10,000LKR 1750LKR
02 06 16' x 8' 3,000LKR 6,000LKR 1050LKR
03 06 16' x 8' 3,000LKR 6,000LKR 1050LKR
04 04 10' x 7' 2,000LKR 4,000LKR 700LKR


Visit Hirikatuoya ecocamp and get closer to mother nature. It will be a great experience to you. Camp tents are established at the border of kiriketioya and there dining area close to a small waterfall. Also you can see 3 or 4 waterfalls in camp site area. 
Here more activities you can do:   

  • Visit Non- pareil  Estate
  • Bakers bend
  • Nagrak bungalow
  • Number of waterfall
  • Pahanthudawa ella
  • Hiking near mountain
  • World’s End Trails via non- pareil  (Need special permission from the forest department)

Hirikatuoya non- pareil area is a green paradise. The non- pareil Estate is located in bellow to the world’s End. Have world’s end trails via non- pareil Estate. In the hirikatuoya non- pareil zone have eco-system diversity as well as Bio diversity. A cloud forest, montane forest, Riverbed forest & Grassland you can see in this zone. The nonperial zone is a slope region. Upper zone of non- pareil Estate you may feel the breeze blowing mist over the trees from time to time even during daytime. You can closer to the top of the mountain that you are climbing. Top of the non- pareil Estate you can found Nagrak bunglow.

The hirikatuoya camping site related in riverbed forest area. In that area you can found Amphibians, Reptiles & Fish. Commonly found leeches and ticks in camping area. The day   time of camping site area you can do a birds watching. At the night time you can hear water flows sound with Nocturnal animals sound. If you are travel in this place you can get great experience with nature.

Be careful:

  • Don’t bath at dangerous places
  • Don’t put plastic and polythene items
  • If you hope to go world’s end via non- pareil Estate, Get special permissions from the forest department & hire a Guide from non- Epareil state.