Eco tourism in sri lanka

Srilanka is a best eco-tourism destination. because it’s Emerald Island with rich wildness area.Eco-tourism places a high value on a wildness area & Srilankan sustainable tourism

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Mountain Tourism in knuckles

Post: 28-05-2019 Categories: Eco tourism in sri lanka / Mountain Tourism in knuckles

Mountain Tourism in knuckles

Knuckles conservation area has number of peaks. Famous locations around knuckles include peaks are knuckles, Lakegala, Manigala & Dothalugala. Lakegala peak is the hardest climbing peak in knuckles. There are several nature Trails to catch up to the mountains of knuckles.    

Knuckles Nature Trail

Length Walking Time
Thangappuwa – knuckles peak Trail 6.5KM 10-12 Hours
Bambarella – knuckles peak Trail 6.4KM 8-10 Hours
Etanwala – Manigala – Illukkubura Trail 4.8KM 4-5 Hours

         The value of environment in knuckles range also essential to mountain eco-tourism. ‘Mountain tourism’ is not a specific type of tourism. It refers to any tourism activity taking place in mountain areas in a sustainable way and includes all tourism activities. Mountains are seen to have a comparative advantage such as trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, cultural tourism and pilgrimages.