Forest in Srilanka

Sri Lanka which is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is rich with a wide range of bio-diversity hot-spots. That means there is a wide range of biological species, fauna and flora. Forests can be stated as one such valuable hotspot in this island. A forest is a place where a lot of biodiversity is present.

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Forests in Sri Lanka

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Knuckles Mountain Range

Post: 29-05-2019 Categories: Forest in srilanka / Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles mountain range also called the Misty mountain range, Knuckles forest reserve and Dumbara. The knuckles forest reserve belongs to Central Province of Srilanka and and extends over 21,000ha. Knuckles mountain range cover parts of kandy and Matale districts. It is separated from the main central highlands. The knuckles mountain range 19KM distance northwest to southeast direction. There are about 35 peaks, rising above 915m in the knuckles region. In the knuckles mountain range Kirigalpoththa (1648m) & Gombaniya (1906m) hills are highest mountain in the knuckles.

The massif was named "knuckles" by British surveyors, due to a prominent landscape feature a group of five peaks, Kirigalpoththa, Gombaniya, Knuckles, Koboneelagala and Dotalugala that resemble the knuckles of a clenched fist.Knuckles forest located in the intermediate climatic zone. Knuckles mountain range weather is cool and mist blowing time to time. In the different parts of the range rainfall & temperature is varied. Absolutely the central highlands completely wet around the year.


 In the lower slope of the hill, tropical sub- montane, semi evergreen forest is found. Knuckles forest reserve also have Tropical Montane Humid Semi Evergreen forest, Rock outcrop forest, Riverine forest, Cloud forest, Patana Grasslands, Savannas, and Scrublands.


Ways to reach the dumbara hills

  • Colombo to Illukkubura route via Kandy – Matale – Raththota
  • Colombo to Illukkubura via Kurunegala – Galewela – Naula – Pallegama
  • Colombo to Bambarella route via Kandy – Wattegama – Teldeniya
  • Colombo to Deenston route via Kandy – Rangala – Corbets Gap (Karatuwa Muduna)


The knuckles forest is a biodiversity hotspot. The number of point endemic species country endemic species convenient to find in knuckles area.


Most Srilankan trekking places in knuckles forest reserves. Meemure camping & Knuckles camping is common activities in knuckles mountain ranges. Knuckles mountain range weather is cool & mist blowing time to time. If you journey to the misty mountain range, it will bring experience to the touching the clouds.


When you are visiting the Misty mountain range………

Be sure to take back only the memories …….

And leave behind only the footprints……