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Srilanka is a best eco-tourism destination. because it’s Emerald Island with rich wildness area.Eco-tourism places a high value on a wildness area & Srilankan sustainable tourism

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How to Travel Knuckles Forest

Post: 29-01-2020 Categories: Eco tourism in sri lanka / How to Travel Knuckles Forest

How to Travel Knuckles Forest

Knuckles Conservation Forest is located in the Kandy and Matale districts, Central Province of Sri lanka and is accessible by road and train up to Matale and Kandy’

January to March and July to September provide much better viewing opportunities to visitors.  A large number of local visitors are attracted to the Knuckles Range, especially to places such as Riverston, Pitawala Patana, Sera ella and meemure during the school holiday seasons. If visitors want to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of the plains, it is better to avoid such places during holiday periods.

Sera ella, Manigala, Nitre cave, Pitawala patina and Deanstone nature trails are well suited for day visits. However, Duvili Ella, Knuckles peaks , Alugallena, Kivulewadiya and Meemure may take more than one day and require additional planning and prior entry permission.

Limited public transport service are available to most of the remote places in the  Knuckles range. If someone is planning on visiting the site using public transport, it is advisable to check the bus timetable and plan accordingly. KCF is spread across two districts with many access roads. Although distances between points may appear to be short, the nature of the terrain requires the provision of additional time for travel. Therefore, planning is essential before travelling to ensure and enjoyable experience.

How to get to knuckles Conservation Forest

Kandy, Matale, Wattegama, Teldeniya, Hunnasgiriya, Ududumbara, Hasalaka, Mahiyanganaya and Laggala – Pallegama are the nearest cities and towns.

Knuckles Conservation Forest is accessible via following routes.



1. Northern Area


(a). Colombo-Kandy-Matale-Rattota-illukkumbura (Riverston, Pitawala, Sera Ella, Manigala) -  Pallegama - Ranamure

(b) .Colombo – Kurunegala- Galewela – Naula – Elahera- Pallegama- Illukkumbura

(c) . Colombo- Kurunegala – Dambulla- Bakamuna- Pallegama

2. South-West (Bambarella and Thangappuwa)

(a). Colombo – Kandy- Wattegama – Madulkelle- Bambarella

(b). Colombo- Kandy- Teldeniya- Rangala - Tanggappuwa

3. South-east (Corbet’s Gap/ Meemure)

(a). Kandy-Hunnasgiriya- Deanstone – Loolwatta- Corbet’s Gap- Kaikawela - Meemure

(b). Thangappuwa – Corbet’s gap- Kaikawela - Meemure

4. East (Rathna Ella)

(a). Kandy – Ududumbara- Hasalaka- Rathna Ella

(b). Kandy – Mahiyanganaya – Hasalaka – Sulugune – Udagaldebokka – Gala Uda




From Kandy

     Kandy – Wattegama – Bambarella provides access to the western part of KCF. The Knuckles peak trail, Hulu ganga Ella and Jodu Ella can be accessed via this road.

Kandy – Mahiyanganaya main road (A26) runs across the southern portion of the knuckles range via Teldeniya, Madamahanuwara, Hunnasgiriya, Ududumbara and Hasalaka. The southern part of the knuckles range is accessible via Teldeniya – Rangala – Thangappuwa road or Hunnasgiriya- Deanstone – Loolwatta – Cobert’s Gap – Meemure roads.

From Matale

   From matale, turn onto the B274 rattota road, The B274 Rattota road traverses through the northern section of KCF, passing through Riverston, Pitawala Patana, Laggala, Ranamure, Thelgamu Oya, Sera Ella, Illukkumbura, Gammaduwa and Karagastenna which are located at the extreme northern section of the forest.

The Dambulla – Bakamoona – Hettipola road also provides access to the northern and eastern part of KCF


                                            Piatawala pathana

                                            -Pitawala pathna-