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We spend forest cover very fast decreasing time. At such a time we have to keep an eye on the forestry news. If not we will lose air for breathing. Every year 250 million acres (101,171,400 ha) of tropical rainforest are cut down. The current generation must be control this forest destruction. To do this, we need to work on this.

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International Day of Forests 2020 - Forests and Biodiversity

Post: 02-04-2020 Categories: Forestry News / International Day of Forests 2020 - Forests and Biodiversity

International Day of Forests 2020

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of forest. The United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization named Forest and Biodiversity as the theme of Day of forest 2020.  This year international day of forest theme is very important for Sri lanka as a bio diversity hotspot.  International Day of Forest which falls on 21st March is celebrated by the Department of Forest Conservation in Sri lanka. The Forest Department was planned to celebrate the international day of forest 2020 at Sinharaja World heritage site.


                                                   International Day of Forests

Forest Department was plan According to theme of 2020 Day of forest, to create a 250 Acre forest corridor with joining Walankanda Reserve and Beraliya Reserve with the aim of enhancing the biodiversity and enhance the Forest cover in sinharaja.The plantation company has agreed to add a plot of land belonging to Hapugasthenna Plantations (Pvt) Ltd to this corridor and contribute to the creation of a forest by planting a tree there.

The Forest Department hopes to increase the biodiversity in and around the Sinharaja Forest, increase the forest cover in Sri Lanka, and reduce the external impact of the Sinharaja World Heritage Forest by creating a forest corridor by adding insulated forests belonging to the Sinharaja World Heritage Site.But due to the unfortunate covid 19 virus epidemic, the celebration was called off.The Forest Department is planning to resume operations after the virus has receded.