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Ohiya forest department bungalow

Post: 27-09-2020 Categories: Tourism bungalow / Ohiya forest department bungalow

Ohiya forest department bungalow is located in an area that is fully covered with the natural sceneries. The ohiya forest lodge is located in the Badulla district. Actually the Ohiya forest bungalow is a mediator for more local and international travelers during their journey. This is the most appropriate place for your travel if you are fed up with your work. Because by visiting the ohiya area anyone could get a well-relaxed mind. The ohiya forest lodge is a property of the department of forest reservation. Anyone can travel by train. There is only 1 km distance from the ohiya station to the ohiya forest lodge. Any traveler that reaches from the train can reach the Ohiya forest bungalow by walking in the direction of the Horton Plains.

How can I find Ohiya forest bungalow?

                                                 Ohiya forest Bungalow Display Board

If any traveler from Colombo, they have to take the way of Colombo - Ratnapura A4 Main Road. While the traveler reached the ohiya forest bungalow the Balangoda and the belihuloya passed by the way. If you are following an accurate way then you will meet the bambarakanda falls too. Your way is full of amazing natural beauty. To reach your stop you have to travel a distance of about 21 km. But prior to traveling this way you have to get a clear idea about your way. You have to follow a very hard way. Apart from the given paths, there is another way. Anyone can reach the ohiya forest bungalow by following the path from Colombo - Ratnapura - Balangoda- beragala- haputale to the ohiya forest lodge. The paths may be decided due to the preference of individuals. Your destination is located at 30 km from the beragala. By following this way travelers can reach another popular destination. It is the adisham bungalow. 


All the paths are for the ohiya forest lodge and any of them can be selected for you. If you want to reach the other destinations then select the paths accordingly. Apart from the ohiya forest bungalow, when visitors reach it, there are more other travel destinations for anyone. Those are located in the surrounding of your destination. If you would visit these locations, your experience might be filled. Here are some of them. Mainly those are the Horton plains and the Devil's staircase. On the way to these places, everyone would be attracted by their surroundings. This region is even famous for the wide diversity of animals and for plants. 

Horton plains 

                                                            horton plains

The Horton plains are situated  11.3 km far away from the ohiya forest bungalow. This is the desired place of traveling by most of the people. The visitors can explore it on any methods that they wish. This is named as the largest plain situated in the central hills. There are only two gates for the entrance for this place. Those are pattipola and the Ohiya. From the Ohiya forest lodge, any visitor can travel easily to the Ohiya gate. 

Devil's staircase 

Devil's staircase is situated far from the distance of about 11.5 km. The Devil's staircase is one of the best hiking places in Sri Lanka. This is a very enjoyable experience for each and every one. You can take the most beautiful route to reach the Devil's staircase. Any traveler can reach the Devil's staircase by the Kalupahana. The direction might be very difficult therefore using a phone with GPS is appropriate while traveling. Those are the main eye-catching places that anyone could travel from the Ohiya forest lodge and for the first time travelers for this place have to be hard. There are no buses traveling for those locations. Also on the way to these eye-catching places, there are no stores situated.


You should not have to do the following things while enjoying and admiring nature. 

  • Ignition 

  • Damage to the environment or to any other plant is a punishable offense as there are zones of protected and sanctuary. 

  • Hunting 

  • Bathing in unsafe places 

  • Waste collection 

While visiting such places, everyone is responsible for protection. Therefore you can admire the beauty unlimited but don't take any offense. 


If you haven't added these locations for your way, certainly it would make a great space. Therefore visiting these places is a great chance for you. While staying here the visitors can get facilities like preparation of the foods and the availability of the parking. The visitors have to take the required foods. Then give them to the trustee in the bungalow. The trustee will prepare the foods for yourselves. The expenses for the gas have to be given for the trustee. The foods won't be provided by the bungalow. Therefore the foods have to be taken from outside or else have to be prepared by the trustee. Even for your entertainment the bird watching and the forest plant watching can be done. The bungalow is ruled by the department of forest conservation. 

How can I reserve this bungalow?

Therefore simply anyone can reach the main office of the department of forest conservation and reserve it. Sampath Paya, 82 Rajamalwatta Road, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the address. Call for more info on +94112866631 and +94112866632. In here altogether 6 visitors can stay. Because there are only two rooms available here. For the officers of the department of forest conservation, the charge is about Rs. 945. That charge for other external parties is Rs. 2808. Due to those reasons, the availability of the ohiya bungalow is very rare. Therefore that has to be reserved at the proper time. The Ohiya forest lodge is a place that is more naturally amusing. That is surrounded by eucalyptus. If you are a natural beauty lover this is the perfect place. Or else if you are fed up from busy life even this is an appropriate place. Just visit and conclude about that.

                                                  Front of the ohiya bungalow

                                                  accommodation facility

                                                  Inside ohiya bungalow