Forest law in srilanka

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Forest law

Forest law is a system for save environment and forest. Forest law is war that human against manipulates to human for protecting the forest.

Our main goal is forest law simply transferring to the people. In 1907 number 16 forest ordinance is the first legacy series for protect and management the forest. In the present forest conservation process ongoing according to 1995 national forestry policy series. Its main goals are,

  1. Conservation the biodiversity, Soil, Water, Historical, Culture, Religious & Aesthetic for next Generations
  2. Develop the forest cover & forest productivity. Forest product & forest service demand procure to present and future generation.
  3. Strengthening national economic and increase the contribution of forest field for rural community.

Public awareness is the most appropriate things to done for save forest. But present community is excerpted. In the community, a person group that represent a certain percentage focus to destroy the forest. The department of forest conservation they will bring them to law.